How to Prepare for Move-in to Your New Storage Unit

Create a Floorplan

First, depending on how detailed you are, you may want to sketch out a floorplan for your storage unit to layout how and where you’ll place your belongings. At the very least, plan to label and number each box to record on a schedule for future reference. When laying out your space, be sure not to forget to reserve space for a corridor to ease of access.

Organize Belongings by How Often You’ll Need Them

Next, inventory your items and organize them into groups, including those you A- will need to access regularly B- won’t need access to very often C- never need access to. Then, determine which items from each group can be most efficiently packaged into boxes together and sort them apart to be readied for packaging.

Pack and Store Away

Now, pack your items into boxes with the heavier, bulkier items at bottom and lighter ones on top, again being mindful of what items may need accessing sooner. Label and number your boxes and record them on your floorpan and/or schedule before actually storing your items away in their respective locations.

Furniture and Fragile Items

If you’re storing furniture that may need to be accessed before other storage items, be sure to allow extra space for accessing all sides of the furniture and room for lifting and turning. Also, take care for how you stack, stand or protect items that may be fragile or easily scratched or broken. For antique items, wooden furniture, delicate china and kitchenwares, etc. use blankets, bubble wrap, plastic or other protective coverings in between furniture or the item surfaces to keep them protected, especially when you return several months late and forget where those delicate items are stored.