What’s the Noke Smart Entry System?

Thanks to technology, the days of losing keys and forgetting gate codes are over. Vestal Storage is one of the first self-storage facilities to embrace keyless storage access and additional security benefits with Noke.

Noke Smart Entry is a Bluetooth electronic lock and access control system that allows you to access our self-storage facility and your storage unit from your smartphone or smart device. With Tesla technology inside every unit controller and an electronic lock and motion sensor INSIDE every door, Noke is also a security solution that truly innovates how you think about protecting your belongings. Noke monitors any motion or heat inside your storage space and reports any detection to you directly.

Another great feature of Noke is digital key sharing, where you can use your app on your phone to grant temporary unit access to a friend, family member or anyone else who needs access from your storage unit. The digital key can be revoked at any time, and an activity log keeps track of exactly when the unit was accessed during the key sharing timeframe.