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Self Storage Tips & Tricks

Admin | Jan 21, 2020

Storage may sound simple, but there’s a lot to think about. Think ahead, and avoid that moment when you roll up the door to your unit for the first time and realize how unprepared you are. To make the experience a little less painful, we’ve organized a list of tips and tricks to make you self-storage-ready. 

Inventory Your Items

We know, it seems a bit overkill but inventorying your items will make it easier to pack, store, and find them later. Consider organizing items into categories, eg. bedroom, office, etc, numbering them and the boxes they will be located in.

Get ALL The Packing Supplies

Boxes might be an obvious need, but did you think about blankets, bubble wrap, and packing tape? Also, consider buying higher quality boxes for greater strength and stability.

Be Creative With Furniture

Think about standing furniture on end to use more vertical space vs valuable floor space. Stack chairs and other similar items together. Use empty drawers in dressers and desk as storage for smaller items. Put heavier items into suitcases with wheels that you can roll away.

Protect Mirrors, Glass and Wood Surfaces

Using masking tape, make an “X” on your mirrors and flat glass surfaces to help avoid shattering. If they do shatter, it will also help keep the mess contained.  Use bubble wrap to protect glass and fragile items, and place blankets between soft wooden surfaces to protect them from scratching. 

Keep Boxes Light and Stack Them By Weight

Be sure to give heavy items like books or appliances their own smaller box and avoid overpacking. When stacking boxes, place the heavier ones down first so they don’t crush and damage lighter boxes below them. Light items like pillows and blankets should go into larger boxes.